Hana (花) means ‘Flower’ in Japanese. Flower is one of the most important aspect of the Japanese culture and community. You can see flower designs in almost everything in Japan. There are even countless ‘Matsuri’ or festivals (祭り) in Japan based on flowers depending on seasons and prefectures. There are famous occasions like ‘Hanami’ (花見) or Cherry-blossom viewing, when, at a certain time of the year, the famous Sakura (桜) flower blooms and people go to the parks, sit under the beautiful pink Sakura trees, gossip with their friends or loved ones and maybe enjoy some light food that they take with them in little lunch boxes called ‘Bento’ (弁当) – just to enjoy and feel the beauty of the nature where the swaying flowers calmly welcome the visitors.

The beauty and complexity of flower is so overwhelming that a person cannot help but be mesmerized by every aspect of it.

Here, at Hana Japanese Language School, our purpose and goal is to make learning Japanese as easy as learning the mother-language and make it enjoyable at the same time. Of course, like learning every other language, Japanese could be a little hard or confusing to grasp at first. But, the Japanese language is very beautiful and interesting. Thus, patience, practice and a love for the language will definitely help you overcome and master it without any doubt.

The teachers at HANA will also do their very best in order to ensure that the learners are able to learn the Japanese language at the very best way possible, including mastering the grammars, Japanese characters, and the pronunciations just like a native Japanese person.

‘It’s never too late to learn’. So, if you have an interest in learning Japanese, be it any reason, from being able to understand ANIMEs to being able to have fluent conversations while your stay at Japan, then don’t wait but start pursuing your wishes. And, here at HANA, we will help you fulfill that dream of yours.

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